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Chobani Foodservice

While chobani was still in their re-branding process, we moved one step ahead and helped define their digital position through the re-creation of their B2B platform. We created an interactive recipe tool and found playful ways to inform partners of chobani about the wide range of applications of for their greek yogurt.


Konterball is a VR Chrome Experiment – we were invited bby the Google Creative Lab in NY to create a ping pong game which can be played in one play mode or with a friend in realtime over the web. It was developed in order to showcase the latest Chrome browser which natively supports WebVR. You can play Konterball with a regular laptop, smartphone, Google Cardbboard or Daydream, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Konterbball got featured as the number 1 example at the Google I/O.

Red Bull Mindgamers

Red Bull Mind Gamers is a global platform for users that enjoy challenging their minds. The site allows users to compete against each other in games developed together with the MTI focusing on creativity, logic, memory and other areas. Together with Mr. Rubik’s himself, Mind Gamers later on introduced the first Escape Room Championships and the first official Rubik’s Cube World Championships.


For the release of the new Volcan Tequila we created an immersive digital story where users can explore the origins of the tequila and following every step of the process. We created an emotional journey through sound and playful interactions that helped enhance the brand.

Playing Lynch

To showcase the latest E-Commerce functionality in Squarespace we developed a content driven, completely customized Squarespace based website for a collaboration between David Lynch and John Malkovich. Malkovich was acting famous parts of former David Lynch Movies which could be bought by the audience.


Falters Inferno is an immersive journey through the 8 layers of hell, for mobile and desktop devices. The interactive microsite was created for Falter, a newspaper located in Vienna, Austria. It is built based on WebGL and custom GLSL shaders. It won 3 gold cannes lions in digital categories and site of the year on awwwards.com

Johos Coffee

To make the product tangible we developed a microsite to give the user the possibility to find out more about this direct trade relationship. Using an interactive map you can explore Brazil and its coffee fincas on your own. In addition, interviews with local farmers and J. Hornig as the roaster himself available. The interactive brand experience translates the focus of the brand directly: We don’t write about the farmers and production areas. We show them, which leads to a higher brand credibility.

Viennese Modernism

In 2018 the Austrian capital is celebrating Viennese Modernism. Four of the era’s chief protagonists died 100 years earlier. Their work set new standards and continues to inspire people all over the world to this day.


Feinkoch’s company website combines both of our loves, food and nice websites. With the help of a tag-based search experience users can type in almost anything food related and will be rewarded with tummy grumbling recipes, culinary articles and other food related content. Feinkoch recipes range from quick and easy dishes to more elaborate ones, all coming with an impress-your-friends guarantee.

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